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Realva Email Verifier - Removes invalid , dead & duplicate emails from the email list and makes your list 100% clean.


Enter your email address to Start Downloading Email Verifier.


This Free software Checks email addresses for validity and removes invalid or dead email addresses from the email list using three levels of verification (Syntax, Domain and Server level checks). Comes with fast multithreaded engine.

Unlike other verifiers Realva Email Verifier connects via HTTP web server using a different port rather than port 25. So it works on machines whose isp blocks port 25 to prevent spam. Realva Verifier is the latest released software of its kind in the internet as on june 2009.


In most of the bulk email list purchased from the market, 60% of addresses are fake. so if you send emails to the list without using this tool, the bounce back rate will be high and as a result, your isp may blacklist your ip and consequently, your SMTP server will be blocked and your mails will be delivered to spam or never deliver at all. So whenever you conduct a bulk email campaign, always use this tool first to remove the dead email addresses before sending.


  • Most isps block port no 25 due to prevent spamming. Most verifiers do not work in those machines with port 25 blockage. Realva Email Verifier connects via HTTP web server using a different port rather than port 25. Then it check a specific id and receive information from server.  This features makes it the only available working Email Verifier in market. This email verifier works as same as ISP's mail server. Realva Email Verifier can also detect disabled address.
  • User can import email ids from a wide range of file types (*.txt, *.csv, *.xls). This verifier can also extract email ids from a text file. Also it has rich export features (*.txt, *.xls, *.csv, *.rtf, *.html).
  • It is very easy to manage your list in Realva Email Verifier. There are many features like Drag & Drop list, Delete, Paste from Clipboard, Copy to Clipboard, Kill Duplicates, import / export wizard e.t.c for managing a large list. This is an ultimate tool for email address validation.
  • Realva Email Verifier has a multithreaded engine which makes it faster than other verifiers. you can specify the mutithread count to 10 or 15 as far as your system supports.
  • No need to be anxious with your privacy. Realva Email Veriifer checks email address with separate IP.


.If you are using a huge list to verify, you must note one important thing. Never use server level 100% verification directly. First use domain level and syntax level verification and remove the invalid entries. Then use the final 100% server level verification. This is becuase, final 100% server level verification demands smtp connection to the server to test whether the mail box really exists. so this takes more time than the other two levels of verification. so first remove invalid entries using other two levels which is very fast, and then use final 100% verification so that the entire process is speed up.

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I run a stock broking firm franchisee and am having around 600 clients. I was in search of a software that can send HTML emails to my clients.I need to send emails regularly to my clients. Finally I was lucky enough to find Vodamail Pro with which I was able to compose HTML emails and send to my clients daily. I was very happy to see that all of them was delivered regularly to INBOX and not the junk mail folder.

        Toms Geevarghese. KL

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Yahoo Messenger: realva10

MSN: [email protected]
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[email protected]

  If you want to sell the software in your own company name, contact us.

You can sell or market the product and keep all profits by yourself. Contact [email protected] for price or call our development center at
Ph: +91-9349426417.

I don't have SMTP?
We are providing SMTP along with  this software. You can use it easily  by following  the instructions given.    

Will any of the messages go to the junk mail folder?
No... if you are using gmail smtp or our smtp(provided u follow all of our instructions) definitely it will go to inbox.If you use other smtp it may reach spam.

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