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Our products work very well in all those computers that meet our products' requirement criteria. In any case if our product does not work in any computer that has met our requirements criteria and unless any damages are made to our product we will consider refunding our customers after enquiry. The final decision about refunding for products is up to us and our customers cannot claim for any refund after our final decision. In order to avoid bitter experiences our customers are requested to understand our products completely before buying our product by chatting with our support staff.








I run a stock broking firm franchisee and am having around 600 clients. I was in search of a software that can send HTML emails to my clients.I need to send emails regularly to my clients. Finally I was lucky enough to find Vodamail Pro with which I was able to compose HTML emails and send to my clients daily. I was very happy to see that all of them was delivered regularly to INBOX and not the junk mail folder.

        Toms Geevarghese. KL

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  If you want to sell the software in your own company name, contact us.

You can sell or market the product and keep all profits by yourself. Contact [email protected] for price or call our development center at
Ph: +91-4872323623.

I don't have SMTP?
We are providing SMTP along with  this software. You can use it easily  by following  the instructions given.    

Will any of the messages go to the junk mail folder?
No... if you are using gmail smtp or our smtp(provided u follow all of our instructions) definitely it will go to inbox.If you use other smtp it may reach spam.

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