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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the basic tools which i need for marketing my product through email marketing?

A. For conducting a bulk email marketing campaign you need to have a bulk email sender and tracking software and an smtp server to route the emails. we provide our vodamail bulk email sender  and tracking software for $39 (life time) and dedicated smtp server for $125 per month.

2. How many emails can i send in a day using your software?

A. That depends upon the capacity of the server you choose. Using 125$ pentium III server you can send maximum 50,000 emails per day @ 2000 emails per hour. If you purchase dual core server for $380/month you can send around 250,000 emails per day @ 10000 emails per hour

3. Will my emails enter into inbox or spam folder?

Inbox delivery is wholly dependent upon how you use the server. When we give our server to you, we make sure that mails are going to inbox. Now after 10-15 days of usage you may find that the mails starts delivering to the spam folder. This is due to the reason that organisations like spamhaus and many major domain providers like yahoo, hotmail, msn , gmail might have black listed your ip address due to spam complaints from your customers who recieve the mails.

4. what should i do to guarantee inbox delivery?

Putting proper unsubscribe information in the emails ,personalisation of emails, ie including the name of the person in the email content, putting a proper address and phone number of the sender in the content of email, hosting a valid website in the domain that is registered for the smtp server showing your business information, removal of unsubscribers regularly , all are measures that has to be done on your side to ensure inbox delivery.

5. what will you do to guarantee inbox delivery?

if your ip is black listed and as result if the mails goes to spam folder, we will white list your ip using our whitelisting agreements with major domain providers like yahoo, hotmail, aol, msn etc. We also renew your ip address and domain name if your domain is blocked. An extra charge of $10 is there for whitelisting your ip. if you opt for a new domain name and ip address $20 extra fees is there.

6. How many hours does it take to give the server and software after purchase?

if you are purchasing the software using direct credit card payment (through BMT Micro secure credit card processor) you will get the key to activate your software instantly (within 2 minutes as email to your registered email address). If you purchase the software through paypal, the key will be given within 2 hours (if your purchase is made on working hours). For server we need to setup the software lxadmin, and server administration tools, configure your ip and domain name. so it will take 24 hours for delivery.

I run a stock broking firm franchisee and am having around 600 clients. I was in search of a software that can send HTML emails to my clients.I need to send emails regularly to my clients. Finally I was lucky enough to find Vodamail Pro with which I was able to compose HTML emails and send to my clients daily. I was very happy to see that all of them was delivered regularly to INBOX and not the junk mail folder.

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I don't have SMTP?
We are providing SMTP for a price of $125/month(unlimited emails/month capacity). please click here to see details..    

Will any of the messages go to the junk mail folder?
Inbox delivery is solely dependent upon the smtp server you use. if you purchase our smtp server, we guarantee inbox delivery at the time of giving the server. After using it for 10-15 days its ip might be blocked due to spam complaints from recipients and may start going to spam folder. At that time we give you another fresh ip and domain name at an extra cost of $20 and the server will again start delivering to inbox.